Pedrun Kids

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Ped Run Kids Scooter is a dual pedal system that will encourage your children to be active. It’s not only a way to play but also a low-impact cardio workout. The rider moves forward by pedaling similar to the motion of operating a StairMaster®. It reaches variable speed up to 10 mph. When not in use it conveniently folds in a compact form for easy storage.
    • - Scooter is propelled by pumping motion similar to a StairMaster®, no kicking required
      - Fun free-riding activity with the benefits of an efficient, low-impact cardio workout
      - 10 mph top speed; Hand lever operated brake provides safe stopping power
      - Front wheel suspension offers smooth ride
      - Recommended for ages 6 and up; Max weight 145 lbs

    T bar Height Range :
    33″ – 40″
    Tire Size :
    Loading Capacity:
    145 lbs.
    Unfolded Product Dimension:
    29″ x 11″ x 40″
    Product Weight:
    16 lbs.
    Product Box Dimension:
    30″ x 12″ x 10″
    Product Box Weight :
    3.8 lbs.
    Max Speed:
    10 mph