49’ER 15mm WHEEL SET

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Product Overview


2 x fully assembles wheels
    • - P.P Slicks
      - Hubs
      - 15mm bearings and internal spacers
      - Fasteners
  • Note: Aftermarket 12mm bearing will also fit into these wheels to support early triad models and some generic trike axles

    2017 Triad 49’er wheels have been revamped and upgraded for the bigger bearings used on the new 15mm wider axles.

    49’er wheel was the first purpose-built drift trike wheel and its interchangeable slick changed the sport allowing multiple compounds to suit the riders ability and sliding conditions. Durability has been proven with its lightweight, cost-effectiveness and adaptability to homemade trikes.


    6 lbs.
    17 x 9 x 7 in
    Hub Color
    Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow